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Residential Developments .....

All developments have been designed and constructed by the firm with a strong emphasis on solid traditional construction with low heating and maintenance costs. The walls of our houses built thirty years ago have insulated walls which met the required standards until 2002. Our present insulation standards are 35% higher. There is now the option of ventilation heat recovery systems which further enhances environmental sustainability.

Recent village developments have been constructed using natural materials with stone walls and clay tile roofs.

Solid blockwork walls and partitions with a traditional plaster finish offer important advantages over light-weight walls and dry-lining systems. The high thermal capacity of a solid wall will store heat and radiate it back to the room this gives an added feeling of comfort. Sound insulation between rooms and the reduction of external noise is improved. Solid walls are more impact resistant, redecoration is easier, fixing to a solid wall is simple and secure.

On semi-detached dwellings, a high level of sound reduction through the party wall is achieved by using a cavity wall with two leaves of 150mm solid concrete blockwork. Our houses built 20 years ago to this standard are still ahead of the current standards.

Windows are protected by setting them back from the outside face of the wall and using a tiled or stone external sill. This also avoids the "cold bridge" which can cause condensation on the inner wall. We consider that quality wood windows still offer advantages over other materials. The surface of plastic and aluminium frames eventually becomes dull and discoloured, a house with wood windows can always have that newly painted look. Wood windows can be repaired with standard readily available components, other window systems have more complex fittings which may become obsolete and prevent economic repair.

Electrical installations include ample power sockets,TV aerial and telephone/media points to several rooms. External security lights are fitted.

Fire Safety - Where there is a second floor level Sprinkler Systems are offered for added security.

Developments offer generous space standards, roomy garages, some with a teenage studio above, often space for caravans and enclosed rear and front gardens.

Over 200 houses have been completed in the followingareas :- Melksham - Bath - Box - Kingsdown - Devizes - Atworth - Holt - Whitley - Neston - Bromham - Seend

All properties carry the ten year structural warranty of the National House Building Council, because of our record of good building the NHBC offer us their A1 premium scale.

New and Current Developments